Angelonia Structure Blazer

2.700,00 NOK 4.500,00 NOK
  • Blazer
  • Heavy wool
  • Two buttons
  • Two pockets

The Angelonia Structure Blazer is a heavy wool blazer with a twill structure. It has a feminine shape, with a focus on the waist. It comes with two buttons and two pockets at the front.

Composition: 50% Wool, 50% Polyester

There are different types of wool, and they should be cared for in different ways. Always follow instructions on the care label.

One thing is common for all wool types: Only wash wool when necessary. The self-regulating fibers don’t need to be laundered as often as other materials. Spot clean or air dry between washes. Keep wool garments nicely folded in your closet – they should not hang.

Pilling of wool occurs naturally with friction. Use a cashmere comb on hairy wool products, while on flat woven products, you can pick the pills by hand or use a razor blade to shave off the gathered fibers.

Wool is a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber that has the ability to return to its natural shape after being bent. This gives wool garments a natural resistance to wrinkles. One of the most breathable fibers, wool keeps you warm, is thermoregulating, absorbent, and repels dirt and stains. 

How to care for wool:

Wool should preferably be hand-washed. If you wish to machine wash your garment, turn garments inside out, choose the “wool” setting on your washing machine and use mild soap for wool (no bleach or fabric softener). Dry your wool items by laying them flat. 

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