Tine Knit Cardigan

3.800,00 NOK
  • Knit cardigan
  • Relaxed fit
  • Jacquard knit
  • Metal zip

The Tine Knit Cardigan is a knitted cardigan, that is chunky and designed with a relaxed fit. The blue cardigan comes with a wide body and wide sleeves, and a metal zip at the front. The cardigan is knitted with a special jacquard technique that creates a fade from a darker to a lighter colour.

Composition: 32% Alpaca, 32% Wool, 30% Nylon, 6% Elastane, 

Alpaca yarn is warm and comfortable against the skin: it does not sting andis hypoallergenic because it has no lanolin. Alpaca fiber is naturally water-repellent and fire resistant. We normally mix it with other fibers.

How to care for Alpaca:

Alpaca should preferably be hand-washed. If you wish to machine wash your garment, turn garments inside out, choose the “wool” setting on your washing machine and use mild soap for wool (no bleach or fabric softener). Dry your wool items by laying them flat – don´t leave them wet in the machine. 

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