Tomorrow Denim

Oldschool Shoulder Pad Tank

800,00 NOK

This shoulder pad tank is made from soft light weight cotton ribbbed jersey which gives a natural drape for the padded shoulders and boxy shape.

  • True to size 
  • Designed for a boxy and loose fit 
  • Shoulder pads
  • Cotton-jersey 
  • Light weight, stretchy fabric 
  • Ribbed quality 
  • Made of Cotton 95% Elastan 5%
  • Washed without any harmful chemicals
  • Made in India 
  • Certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Washing instructions: Wash in cold water and turn your tank inside out to protect against cold water. Keeps the color better and protects against fading and shrinking. It also saves energy, making it better for the environment.

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