Aia Ring

950,00 NOK

From the center of

the Aia Ring a Prehnit shines. It is a protective stone, which is said to give

emotional clarity, provide a sense of calmness and foster insightful dreams.

The stone is nestled atop a wavy golden crest, inspired by the sand formations

on the subaquatic seabed in the depth of the ocean.

The SS22 collection

draws its inspiration from all the organic shapes, that are surrounding us, and

the creative energies they inspire in the viewer. The collection, Surrounding

Shapes, is an ode to the craftsmanship and is, just like all jewelry from

Maanesten, made by hand in Maanesten’s own workshop in Jaipur, India.

Materials: recycled sterling silver (925) plated with 18 karat gold, yellow zirconia, peridot, iolite

Item number: 4777a

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