Green Active Tech

750,00 NOK

Meet the "Swiss Army Knife" of caps in a beautiful green colour.

Sourced from the infamous Schoeller mill, our Active Tech cap is made from a durable 3 layer fabric making it both wind, water and weather resistant. The ripstop detail adds a certain durability and refined look for all day wear.

Farge: grønn

Eksteriør: 48 % polyester, 30 % polyuretan, 22 % polyamid

Interiør: 45 % viskose, 32 % polyester, 23 % bomull

Stropp: Nylonstropp med ringer i rustfritt stål (+/- 1,5 CM)

Pleie: Håndvask regelmessig med mild tekstilsåpe


Størrelsesguide: small: 55-56 cm, medium 57-58 cm. large 59-60 cm, XL 61-62 cm.

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